Trans-Port International, Inc.

FMC 1315NF - CHB 4373

Custom House Brokers and Foreign Freight Forwarders

Trans-Port International, Inc. is licensed to act as a Freight Forwarder by the Federal Maritime Commission and as a Customs Broker by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. We are a licensed and bonded NVOCC. TPI is C-TPAT certified. Key members of TPI are HazMat certified.

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Organized 1967

Our president, Greg L. Schuler, joined TPI in 1974. He purchased the company in 1977 and continues to actively direct the day-to-day operations. Clients never need to wait for a committee or a distant corporate office to make a decision. At TPI, we know that in this business, time and efficiency are paramount. Fifty years of success bear this out.

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Trans-Port International
4975 Lacross Rd Ste 300
North Charleston, SC 29406
P:(843) 723-0688
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Reliable Service

For fifty years we have provided dependable, consistent service to a worldwide import/export client base. Trans-Port International, Inc. (TPI) is one of the oldest, completely neutral Freight Forwarders remaining in the United States. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that their interests will always be placed first. Each manager at TPI has decades of experience in all aspects of tariffs, international banking, logistics, and trade.

Creative Logistics

Over the past half-century we have witnessed vast changes in global commerce. Dynamic trading blocks require an innovative approach to keep our clients at a world scale competitive advantage. We recognize the headwinds presented by regional and parochial trade constraints as well as currency suppression will pose challenges to the US exporter. At TPI, we continually monitor and evaluate these issues.

Intelligent Solutions

Our staff at TPI has the training and expertise to assist and enable our clients to materially improve their competitive position in today's global economy and market. Changes and modifications to existing U.S. trade agreements can be challenging. At TPI, we stand ready to keep our client base fully involved and aggressively engaged in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade. Whether it is Fortune 500 companies or the small shop importer, our clients are always assured that they will receive the same high level of service. We are committed to excellence, nothing less.